Reigning Miss Earth


AGE: 26 years old, June 17th, 1990.
EDUCATION: B.A Edu English, Professional certification: certified ebusiness professional in customer relationship management, British HSE (safety professional)
BACKGROUND: I am from a royal home and the second child in a family of five children.
OBJECTIVE: My objective in life, is to bring the best of my capability in any environment I find myself in, to the best of my ability.
HOBBIES: Travelling, meeting interesting personalities, Reading and Researching.
OCCUPATION: Customer relationship management, sales and marketing professional turned environmental advocator.
TALENT: Counselling, lecturing, and Acting.
SKILL: Writing, public speaking, and cooking
ACHIEVEMENTS: My achievements in life are when I have felt the creation of great impacts in the lives of people. To achieve this course I joined the millennium development goals (MDG’s) which was able to get me to the grassroots to effective the lives of people unconditionally. And I was awarded for it in 2012/2013.
PHILOSOPHY: Never depart this life without creating an impact in someone else life. (This has driven me and kept me going for as long as I can remember)

Before now, I have always being a great advocator of environment, but becoming miss earth, has given me the opportunity to become aware of the hazards that affect our communities and environments at large and how also we as humanity has contributed effectively to this course. It has taken me to the grassroots by creating change through civic engagements, community engagement and outreach, team building, and social and traditional media campaigns. Miss earth has thought me to tackle real problems, face them and find resolving solutions to environmental issues. The greatest miss earth has done to me is to see my environment as myself and myself as my environment and that I has sharpened me to do a great deal by protecting mother earth as an earth warrior.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.