Miss Earth 2016

Miss Earth Nigeria 2016

Miss Earth Nigeria focuses on the direction to have an entirely new meaning and definition for ‘not to be just another beauty pageant’ but a pageant with a cause which crowns beauty with a responsibility to save the earth.

We all know and agree that climate change is what is affecting our environment and economy at large, therefore every hand should be put on deck and charged with the responsibility of combating it. The Miss Earth Nigeria campaign will incorporate environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that will be fronted by Miss Earth Nigeria beauties in order to achieve public awareness about our common cause
Miss Earth Nigeria is highlighted to peach and target certain objectives and functions to stand as side attractions to interest the minds of our sponsors and partners.

Such as

      • PROMOTING PEGEANT DELEGATES AND NOT QUEENS: we are not just raising queens but delegates who would stand as agents to fight this course. The winner at the end of every year would be addressed not just as a queen but as an environmental earth warrior and earth ambassador who would also represent Nigeria at the international standard.
      • TO SUPPORT AN EMPIRE OF EARTH WARRIORS: to raise, support and train earth warriors who would in return help combat environmental issues from grassroots. To raise an empire to support the government and organizations in the fight.

Miss Earth Nigeria has a great identifying role to play in our economy both nationally and internationally. Miss Earth Nigeria has a vision and mission of touching every sector of the society at large and contributing immensely to it.

Miss Earth Nigeria, which is a beauty pageant with a cause and responsibility, is driven by an ultimate aim to enhance our awareness and sustainable development on the environmental crisis and challenges we are facing. Every year, 4 winners will be crowned as the following representative elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire to promote environmental awareness. The winner of the earth element would represent as Miss Earth Nigeria to compete in the international platform. Other subsidiary awards include Best in creative outfit, Miss Photogenic, Miss Talent and Miss Friendship.

Miss Earth Nigeria is part of an annual global search for Miss Earth which gathers delegates from over 90 countries all around the world to promote worthwhile environmental causes and active involvement in caring for and preserving the earth. Since 2001, the concept of Miss Earth has displayed positive results and gained worldwide recognition as one of the Top 3 beauty pageants in the world, in line with Miss Universe and Miss World contests in terms of the number of national level competitions to participate in the world finals. The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote environmental projects and to address issues concerning the environment.

Winning Pageants
Miss Earth offers twin purposes to your life as a beauty pageant. Beauty & glamour and serving great cause for society. So if you are for glamour, it’s for you! If you want to do something special in life on a great cause, it’s again for you! What best you can get while your life enters into glamour and fame and with cause as grand as saving mother earth.
Our event will offer a variety of opportunities to our winners and these can be on a larger stage beyond Nigeria.

Opportunities for our Miss Earth Nigeria winners:
1. Name & Fame at world stage opening doors to the glamour industry
2. Possibilities of acting career opportunities in Films in Nollywood
3. High possibility of corporate modelling assignments not only in Nigeria but in AFRICA
4. Opportunities to be on cover page of international magazines/ pageant/ corporate award magazines published in West Africa.
5. Opportunities in Nigeria and AFRICA TV programs as an actress
6. Participation in high profile corporate events in Nigeria and Africa leading to exciting career opportunities in firms.
7. Opportunities to be a corporate brand ambassador for environment industry
8. Winners are likely to be the brand ambassadors of top companies.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.